Info & Rates

-Pro Tools Sessions with HD Native I/O 16×16
-Analog Sessions 16 Track Analog 1” Reel To Reel (Ampex 456 Available for Purchase)
-Integrated Sessions (Analog and Digital)
-Vocal Recording, Looping, Voice Over Recording
-Overdubbing Sessions with Vintage Keys, Amps and Guitars.
-AKAI MPC3000 Programming
-Can contract quality musicians for hire for client
-Musical Accompaniment
-Career Consultation
-Song Doctoring
-Vocal Production a specialty

$75 an Hour w/Engineer
“Lockout” styled consecutive days, can easily be done
Shorter Sessions for Overdubbing Vocal Or Instrument not a problem

Rates by Song or “Track” also available depending on situation
*Cut rates not unheard of and to be reviewed on a case by case basis.